Succession secured – Jeln now belongs to Weicon

Succession secured – Jeln now belongs to Weicon

Expansion of product portfolio

Succession planning is a major issue in many industrial companies. The Jeln company, a manufacturer of specialty chemical products, could not find a suitable successor to continue the management of the business. Weicon, the Muenster-based manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, took this opportunity to expand its own portfolio and to include special coating systems, casting compounds and adhesives. At the same time, the expansion is also a major investment in the family-owned company's research and development, which will be able to cover a much broader range.

The company Jeln was founded in 2003 by the chemist Dr. Christian Pluta. It is based in Schwalmtal in the Lower Rhine region.
Jeln's corporate philosophy includes a focus on research and development in order to provide customers with tailor-made products. Jeln has been cooperating with various universities and research institutes for years and is constantly expanding its product portfolio.

Special products for industrial applications
Like Weicon, Jeln is also a manufacturer of specialty chemical products. Besides systems for coating, wear protection and corrosion protection, the Rhineland-based company also produces casting compounds as well as adhesive systems, such as impact-resistant adhesives and adhesives with approvals for use in the food industry. In total, Jeln has a range of more than 200 formulations, which have been specially developed for a wide range of chemical products.
The company's specialty products are used in many areas of industry, such as the manufacture of pump systems, in wastewater technology, in the chemical industry, in mechanical engineering, in the paper industry or in power plants.

"Based on the product portfolio of the company Jeln, we can significantly expand our own range of special adhesive systems. This allows us to react to the wishes and individual requirements of our customers even more specifically and to offer them adhesives that precisely meet their needs," says Ralph Weidling, CEO of Weicon.
"The ability to tailor the adhesive to the customer's specific application is in high demand and is the perfect addition to our extensive range of services,” Ann-Katrin Weidling, managing director of Weicon and of Jeln, continues.

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