Easy determination of the degree of wear

Easy determination of the degree of wear

Epoxy resin system Weicon GL-S

For heavily stressed surfaces, Weicon has developed a special wear protection, which serves as a control layer for the degree of abrasion – the epoxy resin system Weicon GL-S.

Weicon GL-S
The Plastic Metal type WEICON GL-S provides high abrasion resistance and serves as wear protection for heavily used surfaces in industrial applications. The epoxy resin system is flowable and spreadable and can be applied with a paint brush. It shows high adhesive strength, is mineral-filled, chemical-resistant, and temperature-resistant up to +180 °C.

The new wear protection is suitable for lining heavily stressed pump casings, as wear protection for slide bearings, chutes, funnels and pipes, and for the repair of castings, valves and fan blades.

The coating can be used in mechanical and plant engineering, in apparatus engineering, in the paper industry, in wood processing, the powder and bulk solids industry, in mining, chemical plants, and in many other areas of industrial production.

Easy visual control
GL-S is ideal for a system build-up in combination with the Plastic Metal type Weicon Ceramic BL. Due to its slow recoating time of five hours, GL-S can be used especially for applications where higher ambient temperatures prevail. 
The system is also well suited for use on larger surfaces due to its longer curing time. Thanks to the different colours of Ceramic BL (blue) and GL-S (dark green), the degree of wear can be easily and quickly determined during visual inspections.

Plastic Metal
The term Plastic Metal describes epoxy resin systems, which consist of two components, one resin and one hardener. Depending on the type, the resin component is mixed with steel, aluminium powder, or mineral fillers, all of which improve the technical characteristics, such as the compressive strength and thermal conductivity.

The epoxy resin system is suitable for a broad range of applications in different industrial areas.
Plastic Metal can be used, for example, in industrial series production for adhesive bondings, coatings and durable repairs on different materials.

After mixing the two components, the plastic metal cures at room temperature to a solid, metal-like material, which can then be machined. It can be drilled, milled, sanded or filed, if required.

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