Cleaning and care of caravans and co.

Cleaning and care of caravans and co.

Weicon Camping Set

The Muenster-based producer of chemical specialty products Weicon has developed a cleaning and care set for caravans, motorhomes, camper vans and co., right in time for the start of the new camping season.

While camping fans enjoy their break out in nature, the home on wheels provides well-deserved cosiness in all weathers. As loyal travel companions, caravans, motorhomes and camping equipment deserve special care. That starts with the right cleaning and maintenance, which is why Weicon has developed a special Camping Set.

The set contains seven different products in total and includes everything you need to clean, maintain, lubricate and protect camping vehicles and equipment.

“The camping market has been booming for years. More and more people prefer a nature trip to a stay in a five-star resort. Which doesn’t mean that you have to do without luxury altogether with this way of travelling. On the contrary: Many camping fans treat themselves to comfortable and convenient camping vehicles and equipment, and are very interested in taking good care of their purchase. With the help of the set, the home on wheels is always kept shipshape. The set cleans and maintains various surfaces, keeps all gaskets, hinges and guide rails smooth, and protects numerous components against corrosion and wear,“ says Holger Luetfring, Head of Technical Project Management at Weicon and initiator of the Camping Set.

Componens of the set
The set contains the following products: Multi-Foam, Citrus Cleaner, Surface Polish, Multi-Spray, Silicone Spray, Fitting Spray and Silicone Grease.

Multi-Foam removes even stubborn dirt from various surfaces, such as camping furniture, upholstery, windscreen and windows.

Citrus Cleaner
This spray supports the disinfection of various contact surfaces in camping and leaves surfaces hygienically pure.

Surface Polish
Surface Polish maintains, protects and cleans matt as well as polished surfaces and leaves a shiny, streak-free finish.

The spray is rust loosener, lubricant, contact spray, corrosion protection and cleaner, all rolled into one product. It prevents seizing up as well as squeaky and creaking noises, loosens rust and repels moisture from electrical contacts.

Silicone Spray
Silicone Spray is a lubricant and separating agent, which keeps gaskets supple and lubricates all kinds of hinges and guide rails.

Fitting Spray
The spray serves as lubricant, care and maintenance product for fittings and reduces friction and wear.

Silicone Grease
The grease lubricates rubber parts and sealings, valves, fittings and gaskets, plastic components as well as devices and systems.

A microfiber cloth for gentle cleaning of all surfaces and a jute sachet for space-saving storage of the products complete the set.

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24. března 2021

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