Cleaning, care and protection in sensitive areas

Cleaning, care and protection in sensitive areas

Stainless Steel Care Spray A7

Weicon has developed a cleaning and care spray especially for use in sensitive areas – the Stainless Steel Care Spray A7.

Spray with NSF registration
Stainless Steel Care Spray A7 was specially formulated for the cleaning, protection and care of brushed, matt and polished stainless steel surfaces in sensitive areas. The spray has an NSF registration (A7) and can be used in food processing areas.

It removes smudges and fingerprints, reduces oxidation and corrosion, cleans even larger surfaces streak-free, leaves a long-lasting protective layer, and makes water roll off. It has an antistatic effect and adheres even to vertical surfaces. The spray has a high temperature resistance from -5 °C to +200 °C.

Many areas of use
Stainless Steel Care Spray A7 is used for the cleaning and care of conveyor belts, machines, lifts, stairs, and other stainless steel parts. The spray treats the surfaces fast and easily. It removes dirt, dust and greasy fingerprints. The special spray can be used in the food and beverage industry, in canteen kitchens, in industrial bakeries, in sanitary facilities, in kitchen construction as well as in the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Fast and easy application
Thoroughly shake can before use. Apply Stainless Steel Care Spray from a distance of approx. 20 cm in a thin and even layer and lightly rub in with a dry, soft cloth. In case of stubborn soilings, allow to take effect for 30 seconds. The product must not come into direct contact with food.

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9. února 2022

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