Special test spray for smoke detectors

Special test spray for smoke detectors

Smoke Detector Test Spray non-flammable

For the regular testing of smoke detectors, Weicon has developed a special spray – the Smoke Detector Test Spray non-flammable.

Smoke detectors
Smoke detectors save lives. If they sound the alarm, it is high time to leave the building and call the fire brigade.
To ensure that the detectors work reliably and make a truly deafening noise in the event of smoke and fire, there are special sprays that can be used to check the functionality of the little lifesavers.

Smoke Detector Test Spray non-flammable
Smoke Detector Test Spray non-flammable by Weicon is used to quickly and reliably check the functionality of optical or photoelectric smoke detectors. The silicone-free spray is easy to use and protects the electronics of the detectors, as it evaporates completely without leaving any residue. The content of one spray can is sufficient for up to 150 functionality tests.

Many areas of use
The non-flammable test spray can be used in all areas where photoelectric fire detectors are used – for example, in ships on the high seas, in industrial facilities, schools and other public institutions, in public transport, or in private households.

Easy to use
Shake can well before use and spray the test spray from a distance of approx. 30 cm for up to five seconds into the direction of the smoke detector. If there is no reaction, the test must be repeated. If there is still no reaction after several tests, the smoke detector is defective and must be replaced as soon as possible.
The functionality test should be carried out regularly – it is recommended to carry out one test every six months.

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14. února 2022


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