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Maritime Industry

Machines and systems on board of a ship need to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis. In addition, unexpected damages and malfunctions can occur on the high seas, which need to be repaired as fast as possible. WEICON offers a whole range of chemical specialty products and stripping tools, which provide valuable assistance in the maritime industry for maintenance and repair works. 

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Powerful cleaning and degreasing

Helpful for repair work

Fast help for small repairs

Corrosion protection

Repair ship engine

Repairing damaged pipes

Strong coating

Bonding despite moisture

System against oscillation and vibrations

Testing smoke detectors

Reliable wear protection

Tools for electrical installations

Powerful cleaner and degreaser

WEICON Cleaner Spray S

Machines and systems, such as marine engines, need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. WEICON Cleaner Spray S reliably removes grease and oil as well as many other contaminations, which have a negative impact on the performance over time. The universal cleaner ensures effective degreasing and evaporates fast and without residues. 

ISSA 53.402.01
IMPA 45 08 01

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Helpful for repair work


Repair work is constantly on the agenda in the maritime industry. A handy helper for maintenance and repair works is the steel-filled and general-purpose product WEICON A. The epoxy resin system has a DNV GL certificate and can be used for removing corrosion damages and pitting on tanks, containers and pumps, for repairs on pipelines, shafts and castings as well as for repairing cracks on housings and machine parts 

ISSA 75.509.01
IMPA 81 29 01

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5 148,07 Kč*

Obsah: 2 (2 574,04 Kč* / 1 kg)

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Fast help for small repairs

WEICON Repair Sticks

WEICON Repair Sticks are the ideal solution for fast repairs on the high seas. The repair compound is available in many different versions, most of which have a RINA-Certificate. The emergency epoxy sticks are suitable for sealing cracks, holes and leaks in different surfaces. The rapid-setting emergency stick Aqua can also be used on moist and wet surfaces and even under water.

Aqua ISSA 75.530.02 IMPA 81 29 23
Steel ISSA 75.530.01 IMPA 81 29 26
Copper ISSA 75.530.04 IMPA 81 29 75

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Reliable protection against corrosion

WEICON Zinc Spray bright grade

Ships need to withstand many environmental influences on the high seas. Whether it is extreme weather conditions or aggressive substances, such as salt water. WEICON Zinc Spray bright grade protects metal parts permanently against corrosion and rust. The corrosion protection coating is TÜV-tested and has been a well-established product in the maritime industry for a long time.

ISSA 53.402.07
IMPA 45 08 12

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Ideal for repairing and touching up


WEICON HB 300 can be used as a refurbishing putty in many fields of the maritime industry. The epoxy resin system is high-temperature-resistant and viscous and thus suitable for application on vertical surfaces. The epoxy patch has a RINA certificate and can be used for the repair and bonding of cast and metal parts, for filling blow holes, for repairing damage on containers, tanks and machine parts, for repairing cracks in engine blocks, and for sealing pumps and pipes.

ISSA 75.509.21
IMPA 81 29 51 

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Obsah: 200 (676,54 Kč* / 100 g)

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Repairing damaged pipes and pipelines

WEICON Pipe Repair-Kit

Damaged water pipes need to be repaired as fast as possible. One easy solution for such emergency repairs on the high seas is the WEICON Pipe Repair-Kit, which does not require any special tools. The Pipe Repair-Kit can be used to repair and seal leaks in pipes and pipelines extremely fast in order to minimise downtimes.

ISSA 84.025.17

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764,84 Kč*

Obsah: 3.5 (218,53 Kč* / 1 m)

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Strong coating and effective protection

WEICON Urethan 85

Metal and rubber surfaces are often exposed to aggressive substances and extreme weather conditions in the maritime industry. The 2-C polyurethane putty WEICON Urethane 85 helps with the fast repair and coating of rubber and metal parts exposed to impacts, motion, vibrations and abrasion. The repair compound for emergencies provides reliable and permanent wear protection.

ISSA 84.025.17

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Adhesive bonding and sealing despite moisture

WEICON Aqua-Flex

In the shipping industry, repair and maintenance work often needs to be carried out in a humid environment. For these extreme conditions, WEICON offers an elastic adhesive, which was developed specifically for adhesive bonding on moist surfaces - WEICON Aqua-Flex. The MS Polymer adhesive can also be used as sealant, is strong, paintable “wet on wet”, sandable, shows excellent ageing resistance, is weather-resistant, UV-resistant, resistant to fresh and sea water, and free of silicones, isocyanates, halogens and solvents.

IMPA white 81 52 79
 IMPA black 81 52 80
 IMPA grey 81 52 81

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System against oscillation and vibrations


In the maritime industry, machines and systems are often exposed to strong vibrations. Whether it is the crane system in the shipyard or the propulsion system in the engine room - oscillation and vibration permanently strain the material and the structures. For the back leveling of machines and systems difficult to align, WEICON offers a solution in the form of the epoxy resin system CBC. The chocking compound is certified with the "ABS Product Design Assessment", effectively replaces common fitting pieces, such as steel, and permanently ensures the direct contact to the base plates.

ISSA 75.510.01
IMPA 81 29 55

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Safe on the high seas

WEICON Smoke Detector Test Spray

Whether in the cabin, the galley kitchen or in the engine room, smoke and fire are a serious danger on the high seas - no matter if it is on a container ship or on a cruise ship. In order to prevent false fire alarm and to ensure that the crucial smoke detectors function reliably, WEICON has developed a special test spray - the WEICON Smoke Detector Test Spray. The spray is ideal for checking the correct functioning of optical or photoelectric smoke detectors fast, safely and without additional equipment.

ISSA 84.025.05
IMPA 33 10 75

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Reliable wear protection


In the maritime industry, pump housings, pipes, chutes and funnels are often exposed to aggressive substances, such as salt water. For these heavily stressed components, WEICON offers a reliable protection against abrasion and wear in form of the epoxy resin system Ceramic BL. The brushable ceramic coating has a DNV GL certificate and can be used for the fast repair of castings, valves or fan blades.

ISSA 75.509.19
IMPA 81 29 37

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Tools for electrical installations


On the high seas, it can happen that the marine electronics fail and necessary repairs need to be carried out, like the replacement of a faulty cable. WEICON TOOLS offers the right solution for exactly these situations. Whether cable knives, cable and wire strippers, or multi-purpose stripping tools - WEICON offers the right tools for all applications. The stripping tools were developed for the precise, fast and safe stripping of all common cable types.

No. 5   ISSA 84.025.19   IMPA 61 17 62
S 4-28 Multi   ISSA 84.025.18   IMPA 61 17 31 
No. 300   ISSA 84.025.20   IMPA 61 17 55
No. 400   ISSA 84.025.21   IMPA 61 17 61

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Odizolovací kleště No. 5
pro všechny běžné lankové a plné vodiče, pracovní rozsah 0,2 - 6,0 mm²
1 015,13 Kč*

(1 015,13 Kč* / 1 Kus)

Kabelový nůž No. S 4 - 28 Multi
s integrovanou odizolovací funkcí, pracovní rozsah Ø 4 - 28 mm
692,42 Kč*

(692,42 Kč* / 1 Kus)

Duo-Crimp No. 300
pro odizolování a krimpování, pracovní rozsah 0,5 mm² - 6,0 mm²
1 810,46 Kč*

(1 810,46 Kč* / 1 Kus)

Multi-Stripper No. 400
multifunkční odizolovač, pracovní rozsah 0,5 - 6,0 mm² / 8 - 13 mm Ø
898,24 Kč*

(898,24 Kč* / 1 Kus)