Adhesive for high temperatures

Adhesive for high temperatures

Weicon Easy-Mix HT 250

Weicon based in Muenster has developed an adhesive with a very high temperature resistance, which is especially suitable for applications in the field of powder coating – Weicon Easy-Mix HT 250.

The 2-component epoxy resin system has a high temperature resistance up to +200 °C and even withstands temperatures up to +250 °C for a short period of time. The system shows high thermal conductivity and keeps over 80 % of its strength even at constantly high temperatures. This allows to bond components, which are thermo-coated (powder-coated) after full cure.

It has a long pot life of 150 minutes, cures at room temperature and can be mechanically processed after curing.

The epoxy resin adhesive shows high resistance to aggressive substances, such as hot and cold water, engine oil and glycol.

To process the Easy-Mix product, the Dispenser Easy-Mix D 50 is required.

Adhesive for powder coatings
The new adhesive can be used in powder coating, metal construction, lightweight construction, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, electrical engineering, and many other areas of industry. 

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