Münster, 07. August 2017 - Weicon Tools presents a relaunch of one of its classic stripping tools: The new Round Cable Stripper No. 13 – now in a modern design. The relaunched product belongs to the Weicon Tools dismantling tool range. All types in this product line allow a fast and safe stripping of all common round cables, are easy to handle and guarantee a precise result.
Weicon has released a new adhesive, which has its special strengths in bonding of various plastics - Weicon Plastic-Bond.
Compressed air equipment and accessories require reliable lubricants and protection against corrosion. To meet these needs, the manufacturer of special products Weicon offers a special technical spray that combines the required properties in one product – Weicon Pneuma-Lub.
The German tool manufacturer Weicon Tools complements its range of special tools with the Multi-Opener. The tool is
ideal for the non-destructive opening of sensitive devices and work with clipped housings, without damaging the material.
Weicon Germany has added a product to complement its range of technical sprays, a product that is ideally suited for the neutralization of rust – the Weicon Rust Converter.
Weicon from Germany has developed a special epoxy resin system for the shimming and back filling of difficult to be aligned systems – Weicon CBC Chocking Backing Compound.
Weicon from Germany has developed a universal adhesive which is suitable for applications in many areas – Weicon Multi-Flex.
Weicon expands its range of metal sprays with a high-grade and effective version – the Weicon Gold Spray.
Weicon supplements the range of assembly pastes with a special type that is suitable for use in many industrial areas – Weicon Anti-Seize Nickel.
The manufacturer of adhesives and sealants Weicon from Germany has developed a new adhesive that is especially suitable for bonding different types of plastic – Weicon Easy-Mix RK-7300.
The German manufacturer of adhesives and sealants Weicon has developed a special adhesive, which is characterized by its high temperature resistance and is thus suitable for applications in the field of powder coating – Weicon Easy-Mix HT 180.